Monday, November 1, 2010

Progress... sort of

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about Esther-Faith (finally) starting to take slow, tentative steps with forearm crutches.

And last week, about the irony of her braces breaking a couple of days later--after we had already ordered a new pair of HKAFOs.

And last week, we picked up those new braces. The waistband and twister cables can be removed and put on as needed (we'll put them on when she gets fatigued). The AFOs are actually pink this time. Even the velcro is pink.

Our girl was happy.

The orthotics specialist is a perfectionist. Which is exactly how I like the person who is building the equipment that helps my daughter walk. We spent hours putting the braces on her, watching her walk, taking them off, making adjustments, and over and over again. And despite missing her nap, she was good-natured about it.

For a couple of days, we let her use the walker. Then, on the way to preschool one day, she decided she just wanted the crutches--just for that day. She isn't very good at the forearm crutches yet, so I was a little hesitant. But her PT was going to be there as well as lots of PT, OT, and other students.

Apparently, she did well.

And she did it again on Sunday.... until about nap time. Then, it was like we all took the quickest train available to meltdown city. We had to bribe her with candy and cartoons to get her to walk to the car.

Yes. I bribed her. I'm not (that) ashamed.

Yesterday, she showed off her forearm crutch skills for Papa in the nursing home. Today, she used the walker. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow.

As with just about every bit of progress she makes, we'll take it one day at a time. I recall a time when she hated the walker. And the wheelchair. But she made progress. And when I step back from this situation, I can see that she will again.

This day belongs to the LORD!
Let's celebrate and be glad today.
Psalm 118:24


The Forest Minstrel said...

...and just as one more bit of encouragement... Psalm 4:3 & 4
"But know that the Lord hath SET APART him that is godly for Himself; the Lord WILL hear when I call unto Him.
Stand in awe and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and *be still*. Selah."
(you need encouragement from time to time, too, Mom!)

The Forest Minstrel said...

p.s., I looked up the "be still" part; still means, by implication to be astonished, to stop, guiet self, rest, tarry and/or wait [upon the Lord]. This is my current favorite verse. Since I'm not good at memorizing, it's tacked to my board at work ~ along with the definition ~

HennHouse said...

Forest Minstrel: Thank you. More than you know... thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Karin.

Anonymous said...


You are so good at depicting the tension of a work-in-progress, Karin.

Bribery has its place.

Thanks so much for sharing Esther-Faith with us! Barbara

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's easy for us to forget that small victories are still victories. Victories that may still need support and nurturing, but victories nonetheless.

It's awesome to see her doing so well!

HennHouse said...

Barbara: My pleasure, really. She's often a little too much for this Mama.

Mike: Such a needed reminder. Victories are victories. No matter how small. Thank you.

Nechama said...

Shes so beautiful! And she looks like she is walking beautifully too! Way to go esther :)

Nechama said...

Shes so beautiful! And she looks like she is walking beautifully too! Way to go esther :)

Unknown said...

my sister she is having spina befida but she don`t walk she don`t feel her legs she is 6 years old i want ask is there a doctor can help my sister to walk