Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Case of Second Guessing

In September Madilyn had appointments at the Spina Bifida Clinic. We had waited almost two months to get her in to see everyone. I had lots of concerns about her that day and was well prepared. I gave voice to each one and eagerly awaited the responses.

Madilyn had been falling down a lot. She even started falling down our stairs at home. Her foot was more swollen than usual and her Achilles tendon was extremely tight once again. Since Madilyn can not feel her right foot, she can injure it and not know.

So, when Orthopedics came in to evaluate her....they basically blew all of my concerns off. (Side note: New Doctor in Clinic that we had never seen before and I don't think he bothered to read her chart!) I had never had that happen before. I was so frustrated when I left that day....especially because I was told that she was just a clumsy kid! I knew better. Madilyn has better balance than anyone I know because she learned to stand on a foot she can't feel and it is the same foot that she can ride a scooter on. The funny thing is, she never uses the foot she can feel!

My confidence in my observations was shaken that day. I only voice concerns when I know something is off. After that visit, I watched a decline in Madilyn's foot. I battled with the voices in my her regular Orthopedic Doctor......not call him. This scenario played out for several weeks. Finally I called. We had to wait to see him but I didn't care. I just wanted him to see her foot and leg. If he told me that she was clumsy, then I would accept it and move on.

Thursday was the day we were to meet with Dr. Busch, who happens to be amazing. Right before I was to head out the door to pick up Madilyn at school, his office called. The X-ray machine was down and he would have to reschedule. I was so frustrated. I said ok and they reschedule for next week. But, after I hung up the phone, I started crying. I couldn't stop crying. I had that feeling come over me that said.....CALL THEM BACK NOW! I did and headed to another location to get that X-ray.

Lets just was bad. Very Bad. Two other surgeons looked at the X-rays and couldn't believe what they saw.
Madilyn is sporting a pink cast that has beautiful glitter applied to it. We will see her Surgeon on December 6th to determine how he is going to deal with her foot.

What did I learn from all of this? Trust yourself Momma. You know Madilyn. You have watched her from the time she was born. If you are concerned then trust yourself. If all avenues have been explored and things are determined to be ok, then that is ok. No harm done. If you are right........well, need I say more.


Kari said...

i totally know that feeling!! i hate learning that lesson!!! you did a good job!

Holli (and Mark) said...

so sorry to hear about Madilyn!! But it is such an important lesson for all of us parents. I hate the voices inside my head when I'm trying to convince myself that whatever is going on with Alex is probably nothing, and sometimes it is just me worrying but if the voice persists--like you said--you need to as well. I pray everything works out well for Madilyn!!! All the best!

Gretchen said...

I am so sorry you had to learn this leason such a hard way. Hugs to you and your beautiful daughter!

One thing I have learned and say to doctors ALL the time when they don't listen to me the first time..

"Who are you? Yes, you are the Doctor. Who am I? Yes I am MOMMY, and Mommy trumps doctor EVERY TIME! I see my child EVERYDAY, and know him better than he knows himself, so I am more qualified here, and we need to talk about this NOW."

Yes... there are times doctors don't like to hear that, but there is not ONE that can tell me they know my son better than I do :)