Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking care of YOU

Kari used to write a regular series called "Taking care of YOU" where she gives advice and tips about taking care of yourself.

You can see some past posts here and here and here.

I thought of Kari and the "Taking care of YOU" series today as I was cathing my daughter in a too small bathroom stall at the outlet malls. We had been waiting for the lone disability access stall for more than 15 minutes as patrons who had too many packages for a small stall used the disability stall, and then I decided we would try a smaller stall.

Esther-Faith was a trooper in the truest sense of the word. She transferred out of her wheelchair--clinging to me--and into the bathroom because there was no space in a small stall for a wheelchair. We wrestled out of one KAFO and half of the other, tucked her dress up so it wouldn't fall into the toilet, tugged and pulled at her pull-up and tights, and balanced her over the pot.

Just as I squated in front of her to provide assistance, I realized, I really had to use the bathroom myself. I mean I REALLY had to go. I should have gone first.

It was a really uncomfortable five minutes as she cathed, tugged and pulled the clothes back on, wrestled back into the KAFOs and shoes with no space to do so, and switched places so mama could do what she should have done first.

There is merit in what the airline flight attendant says about getting your own air mask on first so you can be the best help to your child. The same goes with toileting. Take care of your own needs. Go first.

By Karin
(from the HennHouse)


Summers Family said...

I love your stories Karin :-) I hope you came home with some fun stuff from the outlet mall.

Scasmflops said...


Swedish Mama said...

It is so sad when others(the shoppers) are so interested in themselves that they don't see the needs of others. You miss so much...But you, daughter and granddaughter can always find a way, and smile, or laugh.

HennHouse said...

Summers: Absolutely! New shoes all around, and for me snappy black boots!

Scasmflops: Thank you!

Mom: I know you know these frustrations in a unique and personal way. We learned from you how to make lemonade.