Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A letter from you

Picture something with me.
You are sitting in your living room drinking your morning coffee, relaxing on your couch. (I know we are dreaming arent we!!) All of a sudden you hear a knock at your door. (do you hear the knock?) You open the door to see a woman with fear, uncertainty and every other emotion you can imagine in her eyes. You look down and notice her very pregnant belly. You welcome her into your home and she sits across from you in your living room on your couch. Her story begins. She has just found out that her baby that she is carrying has Spina Bifida. She doesnt know the details, the level or really any of the medical terms. But she knows the fear. She is a stranger to you, but she's just become your friend.
What would you say to her? If you had this moment with every mommy who came across the diagnosis of Spina Bifida what would you want to say? What would you share?
If you noticed on the top of our page Joanna has done an amazing job with different tabs. There is one tab called, "Joining the Journey." This tab is for that mommy. The mommy who might not be able to sit in your living room, but she's on her computer googling and trying to find anything she can possibly find. Maybe she'll find us. What would you want to say to her? If you are willing please write a brief letter 1 - 3 paragraphs long of what you would say. It doesnt have to eloquent, It doesnt even have to be spell checked. : ) But Id love for this tab to be filled with your personal words. If you are willing please send me a message on facebook with your letter or email it to me at
We are a message of hope. I want our message to be clear. I want it to be OUR message not just mine!
Thank you to all of you who I know will undoubtly poor your heart into this.
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Holli (and Mark) said...

A GREAT idea Kari, I sent you an email, hope you can use!