Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life as we know it

We've traded late night, happy hour dates for early morning mini conferences on raising spiritually healthy special needs kids.

And we wouldn't change a thing...

We've traded Big Ten athletic events for seventh grade basketball tryouts.

And we wouldn't change a thing...

We've traded philosophical discussions about politics and superpowers for tearful heart-to-heart talks about how best to love a child who is incapable of positive attachment.

And we wouldn't change a thing...

We've traded gym memberships for DVD workout programs done at four o'clock in the morning.

We've traded wine tastings for zoo visits.

Night clubs for dance parties in the living room.

Weekend getaways for overtime.

Afternoons of landscaping for weekend soccer tournaments.

Routine gourmet meals for crock pot stew.

Sports cars for dented, scratched SUVs that fit tiny, red wheelchairs and overstuffed schoolbags.

Professional development seminars for IEP meetings.

Long hours working on the climb up the ladder for evenings at home reading children's books.

Big bank accounts for home equity loans.

The fast track for the mommy track.

Walls filled with certificates of accomplishment for a decidedly slower life filled with real accomplishments.

Life as we knew it for life as we know it.

And we wouldn't change a thing.

by Karin.
(from the HennHouse)

note: this is a repost from the HennHouse.