Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just as every child is different, every child with Spina Bifida is different. Each requires a different set of doctors and specialists. Sure, there are some that are common across the board. But sometimes, there are a couple that it seems only your child has to deal with.

I remember the comfort in talking about Clinic without having to go into an explanation. Because the family we were chatting with already knew. They had walked the same road. They had sat in a room waiting for doctor after doctor to examine their child. What a relief!

And that is what this blog is about. Shared experiences. Encouragement through differences. Holding each other up and standing in the gap for each other when the going gets tough. Or the going just stops.

What a blessing Kari is to have started SpinaBifidaKids. And what an honor it is for me to contribute bits and pieces of our journey each week.

So, what do you want to know? What doctors do you visit on a regular basis? What doctors seem new or unique to your child's situation? What do you want to know about? What do you want to read? What makes you curious? Jealous? Oblivious? What have you learned along the way?

Next week I'll start a series on doctors and medical professionals. I would love some input as to which doctors you typically deal with.

Thanks for being part of the community.


Gretchen said...

I would love to "meet" people with SB kids that have sever behavioral problems and learn what other moms do to overcome this :)

Just my current "wish"

Colleen said...

We see uro, ortho, neurosurgery, and a neurologist. The neurologist is for seizures.

Lacy said...

We have a uro, neurosurgery, neurologist, SB specialist, opthamologist, ENT, pulmonologist, (just got realeased from our GI surgeon) and ofcource a pedi for the everyday stuff...haha. We may have to start seeing a nephrologist so I would be curious to see if other SB kids deal with high blood pressure. We are monitoring right now and don't know if it's Autumn's norm or going to be an issue.