Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy number 3!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

The reason I wanted us bloggers to talk about ourselves is I wanted a face behind the words. I also wanted to encourage MORE faces. (In other words Id love for some of you to start submitting things for us. whether once every other week, once a month or just plain one time.) The reason I started this site was to be an encouragement to all the moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents and anyone else who has contact with a child who has Spina Bifida. There are so many view points and ideas from all across the world. I believe the more we add the more we can accomplish. So thats that... if your interested feel free to email me

So its my turn to talk about me.... How fun! : )

I'm Kari. That's pronounced Carrie not CarE. I always tease my mom that she spelled my name wrong. I like to take on way too many projects. All the time!! Hence this website. raisingtoby and urbanupcycling.

My mother in law is always telling me to say, "NO" but honestly I like the chaos and I like saying yes.

I love being a mommy. I'm venturing into the homeschooled world this fall. aaaaaaaaaah, but attempting to still stay normal and keep my kids pretty normal. I want another baby. I think I'll always want another baby though. I wonder if you get over that. I never EVER thought that I would be a baby wanting, homeschooling mommy but WHO KNEW!! : )

I have three kiddos. Gracie (5) Toby (4 in 13 days) and Milo (15 months)

I love being a wife. I hate the laundry and cleaning and cooking that go along with it. But I love the relationship. : ) We are the absolute best of friends

I love crafting and sewing. I love upcycling, (making something better than it was originally meant to be, like sheets into a purse or lima beans into a wreath) You get the idea.

I love reading. I dont do it often because I get bad mommy syndrome and read for hours. Just finished a series on Amish finishing each book in about a day and a half.

I love taking pictures. I like to pretend I'm a photographer. So far ive just been doing stuff for friends and friends of friends. But who knows..maybe one day Ill venture out a little more.

I love God. I believe in a real, personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ. I am very involved in our church. my husband is the full time youth pastor there so its basically our second home.

I'm absolutely shocked at how much Ive changed since having children. I like onions now, pickles now and even mexican food. All of which I HATED before. Priorities are different, life is different things are just plain different. And I am soooo thankful.

I'm in a redecorating stage right now in my life. Changing up everything in the house all the time. Painting, moving furniture. So far ive painted my cabinents Green, converted the garage to a family room, painted big white circles on the cement on the back patio. And honestly so much more. All the with Nate's help by the way.

So okay, that's it for me. I hope this helps put a face and maybe even a personality with the person behind this site and behind some of the posts. Thanks so much for following, commenting and just plain reading!!!