Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lessons from my journey

When I volunteered to post on this blog, I was asked to share my learning experience as the new mom... just starting this journey. I hope to be helpful to those going alongside me and those coming behind, so today I wanted to give you an update on some things that I have learned within the last six months. Well, I could go back eight months to when I found out.

I'm learning----
   Medical terms,and procedures I never imagined I would know.
   Therapy techniques
    How to use a camera
   To appreciate every moment
   To pray always
   New methods of doing what I once considered remedial.
   I am stronger than I ever realized
   Babies are resilient
   Babies are strong
   God is good
   Naps are amazing
   Shaving your legs everyday is a luxury
   I can do my hair in a matter of minutes
   Diapers stink
   Babies are precious
   Each moment spent together is a gift.
   I don't have any control over my schedule anymore.
   God is in control.
   A smile changes everything.
   laughter is required
   Peek- a- boo is so much fun
   Spit- up happens
   To blog
   Always carry a paci in your pocket
   Take notes
   To ask questions
   To love like I've never loved before

And since this is the Spina Bifida kids blog I have saved one very important thing that I have learned as the close to my post this evening.

Six months into this journey and I have learned... Together, we can do anything, and everything.



Mom of The Fields Five said...

I love your list! We found out when Madilyn had Spina Bifida when she was born. Six years later I am still learning and adding to my own list! Your list is amazing and inspiring as well as a gentle reminder that we have so much to be grateful for!

Felipe da Silva Dartora said...

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