Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dont be discouraged

I know you all must disheartened like I am right now. I know most of us know about "the poll" and the woman behind the poll. What is the correct response? What are all the feelings we are going through seeing this in action? The internet is an incredible place, but it can be a place that bring heartache when we read stuff like this. Every time I hear that someone has voted TERMINATION my heart sinks and it feels as if someone is voting that Toby should have died rather than lived. My sweet and amazing Toby.Do not lose heart!!! We are making a difference!! We have our children and we are a living testimony to the beauty of LIFE!! I'll be honest I was so discouraged. What's the use of these shirts. What's the use of a painting I'm working on and then my husband sat me down last night and gently reminded me of the 678 shirts we have sold to help support Spina Bifida awareness and support the lives these children live!! Do not be discouraged!!! Keep praying!!

Selina wrote this on fb the other day and I asked if I could repost it because I loved it so much.

What does it mean to be perfect? Is there really such a thing as perfection? One person's perfection could be entierly different than another. I am haunted by the knowledge that there are babies, just my like mine, who are being terminated because of these so called imperfections. Who are we to decide what is perfect and what isn't? I know I'm not perfect. I don't usually get on my soapbox about these things...mostly because I've been there, and I know what a gut-wrenching thing it is to recieve a poor prenatal diagnoses...So I do not judge. But, today I have to say something...

Last night I came across a blog of a woman I have recently reached out to. She is pregnant with a baby who has recently been diagnosed with SB. The post I saw last night made me sick to my stomach. She has set up an online poll, for anyone to help decide her baby's fate. Anyone at all. People are right now voting on whether she should terminate this little life...This little life just like Maddie. Does that make anyone else sick? I will not post her link, because I don't want to encourage any other activity on her site. But my heart is breaking...So I ask...What is, perfection? Are we ever guaranteed a fairy tale ending? I'm pretty sure the answer is No. But who's to say that the fairy tale ending isn't found in life's imperfections? I know, with certainty, that my life is richer because I have a special little girl...She's a rockstar. And she makes me believe anything is possible. I see perfection every time I look at her. Ten perfect tiny figers, with ten perfect tiny toes...A smile that lights up a room, and a giggle that makes you forget whatever you were doing and join in....Perfection. It's the same perfection I see in Mason. They are my babies, and they are perfect.

I remember being in that scary place...Being forced to think about our "options." I have never had a moments regret in the choice that I made. And though I know everyone deals differently, I find it so offensive that such a personal decision is being made so public...and being so carelessly regarded. I truly believe that God does not make mistakes, and He never gives us more than we can handle. Life is what we make it, and perfection is really just a matter of perspective. I know my perspective has changed...and all for the better. Ten fingers. Ten toes. One heartbeat. One life that I cannot live without...perfection.

ps please check out this amazing post from Jet's mommy. Worth your time!!

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