Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay ladies, here's the deal.
2 things.

1. TEAM ELI shirts. LAST DAY TO ORDER!! So get those in NOW!! Jodie is putting in the order tomorrow.

2. SB shirts designed by Mr. Andy Gibbs himself.(still working the front) We are looking at about 12.00 - 13.00 a shirt for adults and childrens. This WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING!! Lots of little fees add up. Envelopes, pay pal, shipping, taxes, screens made for adults and children. Hope this all makes sense to you. Anyway if you are interested. (this is not an order) Please leave a comment using ONE WAY ONLY!!

Comment on my status update on FACEBOOK leaving the number of shirts you want to order.

Comment here leaving the number of shirts you want to order.


Comment on Babycenter new thread title. Getting the count for shirts.

please please please only do this on one of these. If you leave multiple comments it will mess with my numbers.

Ask around family and friends if they are interested as well. I would like to do only one order. Two at the most.

Starting tomorrow morning I will have the paypal button added on to urbanupcycling.blogspot.com

Thanks for your interest and excitement.

Remember this is not an order. This is just a count for me to give the company a basic idea.


HennHouse said...

I for sure want five (Adult large, two adult medium, child large, child medium).

Depending on the price, I may want as many as five more.

HennHouse said...

I can't really see the design... what does it say?

Leigh and Andy said...

Check out FB...the pics are on my wall! :)

HennHouse said...

Just did! Thanks, Leigh... I love it!!

Gretchen said...

Ok.. so I am slow at reading blogs, but I am interested in seeing what these say and possibly ordering some... but I don't know who you are to look on Facebook :) Can you message me there? I am "Gretchen Gallagher Soares"! Thanks!