Sunday, October 10, 2010

Glimpses of the Future

Our little Brooklyn has her second surgery coming up this Wednesday. It is a simple outpatient tendon surgery, but I still hate that she has to "go under" again at a mere 2 months of age.

Brooklyn was born with two clubbed feet, a dislocated hip, and legs that we lovingly called "twisty, twisty." So far, she has responded wonderfully to the casting. Her hips are now in the correct position (although one is still dislocated), and her knees have moved into position and are now bending. Her feet are coming along, although some early pressure sores and swelling meant we had to take it slow. The good news is that this surgery means we are nearing the end!

Interestingly enough, my husband had knee surgery a few weeks ago, so he has been on crutches. He's getting frustrated about not being able to get around, and I've witnessed him struggling to do everyday things he used to take for granted...carrying a glass of juice or grabbing something from the other side of the room. I've watched him scoot himself across the floor and find creative ways to get himself ready in the morning.

The other day I admitted to him how much it hurt me to see him struggle, but what hurt me more is knowing that our Brooklyn may some day struggle like that on a daily basis. He admitted that he had been thinking the same thing.

Isn't that just God's perfect timing? It stung a little bit to envision our daughter not being able to do everyday tasks with ease, but it also gave us a chance to think about all the things that she might be able to do! That is why we are going through this casting process and giving her this surgery. We want to give her every chance at an independent life. This makes the anxiety of the surgery and the frustration of the weekly casting so much easier to handle...remembering that it is getting our baby's legs ready for all the walking we hope she'll be doing some day! :)

Sure, we have no idea what the future will hold -- and odds are it will be filled with some struggles -- but I feel confident that God will guide us to the right doctors, therapists, and opportunities to give Brooklyn the best future possible. Or better yet, the future He planned for her all along.

Lisa (@ Heaven Sent)

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Gretchen said...

Great insight Lisa!!

I remember going through all of that and wondering if I was doing it in vain when doctor after doctor told me Nat would never walk... All of those doctors have had to eat their words!! We still strugle, but my boy is a walker most of the time and a sports addict!! God has a perfect plan for Broklyn too!