Sunday, October 17, 2010


For once, I have been at a loss for words.

I have been writing about our journey for the last 8 months and yet now -- during Spina Bifida Awareness month -- I haven't been able find the words. And until today, I didn't even know what I thought of all this "awareness."

I think part of it is that our family has just entered the journey and honestly, I kinda forget that we are a part of the SB community. Brooklyn is only 2 months old and in many ways, her care is just like any other infant. I guess we are in the "honeymoon stages" of SB, where there are many fears, but not quite as many challenges. There is a lot we still don't know, so we are still learning and growing.

But you -- so many of you -- you have found the words. Beautiful, beautiful words that absolutely ring true to my heart. I am in awe and totally honored to be a part of such a loving, faithful community. You have taught me why awareness is so important:

It brings hope.

It shows love.

It glorifies God.

It (hopefully) saves lives. Precious lives.

But the best part? Our children give us the opportunity -- the blessing! -- to share their stories and do these four things EVERY DAY. Yes, having a dedicated month is very cool, but what an honor it is that we have been gifted with a daily testimony of God's love and perfectly beautiful plan. As so many of you have stated: God doesn't make mistakes.

No, our children's diagnosis doesn't define them, but I truly believe I am changed for the better because of that diagnosis. And that is an amazing gift that I want to share.

God put it on my heart from the beginning to share our journey, and it seems He has done the same for many of you. This can't be a coincidence. I truly believe He wants to use our journeys for His glory. And I, for one, don't want to let Him down.

So keep sharing. Keep hoping. Keep loving. And keep glorifying.

If our Father can create bountiful blessings out of challenges we never saw coming, imagine what He can do when we are working together.

Lisa (@ Heaven Sent)


Colleen said...

Beautiful! Love this.

Scasmflops said...

Wonderful post. We are so very blessed to have our kiddos and each other on our journeys. Praise the Lord!!!!

Joanna (and David) said...

Very well said - We are all so blessed in ways we never knew possible. Our children, and each other, are amazing gifts God has given us to make our journey easier and worth every mountain. Thank you for sharing!